1. Such a beautiful sight

    Such a beautiful sight

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    Lazy Eye | Silversun Pickups

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    marvel comics meme - 4/7 relationships | Scott and Logan

    "Says the man who wears sunglasses indoors."

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Another one by iamshootermcgavin


    Another one by iamshootermcgavin

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    See the full footage here: Winston (kitty) takes care of Zeke (puppy) 

    "Zeke just got home from the vet — being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him"

    A cats purr vibrates at a frequency that promotes bone health and aids in healing. So the kitty is probably trying to purr him better.


    If this doesn’t get you in tha feels, you have no soul.

    omg xxxsexxxy

    OMG this is the dream

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    i’m staring off into space not at you

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